A social network *just for family

Need a private, safe, and secure way to stay connected to the most important “social network” in your life? Look no further than fambam, a social network *just for your family. There are no ads or “sponsored” posts. This is purely about staying connected to the people that matter most in your life. Fambam goes a step further by giving you complete ownership over all the data and content that you create in the network, something we commit to our Terms of Service. Fambam is a familiar, feature-rich social networking application that’s always improving. Features include; Curated Home Feed: Content from the people and groups you chose Direct Messaging: Private messaging to anyone in the network Create Content: Post images, videos - even go live from the soccer field! Control Center: For administrators to manage the network Stop paying with your privacy to stay connected to family. Use fambam.

a social network *just for family